Memorial Day and Why Do We Celebrate

What are the Traditions of Memorial Day 2020?

Memorial Day is also called Decoration Day. On this day people of America work as a volunteer and attend the cemeteries across the country for decorating the graves of soldiers who sacrifice their lives in battles for the country. Every years, cities and town f America host the Memorial Day parades. There are large parade takes place every year in Chicago, New York, and Washington DC.

Traditions of Memorial Day 2020

Americans visit the cemeteries and memorials to observe Memorial Day every year. For the remembrance of the fallen soldiers in the war for the country, some people of the US wear a red poppy. After World War 1 Poem, the tradition of wearing the red poppy start.

Many people take this event as a Memorial Day weekend trip because there are 3 holidays on that occasion which most the people like to spend with family members or friends’ that’s why on airports and highways there is the crowd. Unofficially this event marks the beginning of the summer season.

On that day people of the US meet the families of soldiers who died during the service in the battle for the country to honor the soldiers. Also, people go to the graves of soldiers and decorate the graves with the small national flag of the US and red Poppy on Memorial Day. Peoples reciting prayer on the graves of soldiers on that day every year. Some graves are well decorated by family members of the soldiers. The grave of the Soldiers, who have no relatives, decorated by the volunteers that attend the cemeteries.

10 Main Traditions on Memorial Day

  • Visit the home of soldiers who died for the country.
  • People visit the local cemeteries on Memorial Day.
  • Thousands of peoples attend parades that take place in many cities in the US.
  • Attend Memorial services.
  • People raise national flags.
  • Nation moment of remembrance honor by people.
  • Peoples share their beloved soldiers’ photos on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter on that occasion.
  • People which and listen the National Memorial Day Concert to tribute the men and women who died during the fight for the country.
  • Visit the Battlefield.
  • Pow/MIA flag flying reminds the people about their sacrifice and their families.

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