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Happy Memorial Day 2021 For Sweetheart

Happy Memorial for Sweetheart: – Memorial Day isn’t just about respecting veterans, it’s regarding for the individuals who lost their lives to serve their homeland. Veterans got the opportunity of getting back home. For us’ that is a keepsake of when we return home despite everything we have a duty to serve. Happy Memorial Day […]

Happy Memorial Day 2021 in New York City

If you are here to get information about Memorial Day 2021 in New York City then you are on the right path. Here you will be provided all the related details about Memorial day in NYC. The purpose behind celebrating this day is paying honor to the dying veterans who served in any armed forces. […]

Peace Officers Memorial Day 2021

Peace Officers Memorial Day is celebrated every year on May 15. This day falls in which week is called Police Week. Peace Officers Memorial Day in the USA was made on October 1, 1961, by Congress. Peace Officers Memorial Day It asked President John F. Kennedy to assign May 15 as the memorial day that […]

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Day Washington, DC

A large number of veterans and their family members assemble on the wall on Memorial Day to honor those soldiers who died during the fighting for our country. On these extraordinary days, Many people work volunteers and decorate the graves of soldiers with flowers, wreath, and American flags.   Who Does Vietnam War Commemoration Honor? […]

When is Memorial Day 2021? | History of Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a government holiday celebrated on the last Monday in May every year to honor those soldiers and their families who sacrifice their lives for the nation during their service. Memorial Day 2021 Initially Memorial day was known as Decoration Day, and first time General John Logan on 5 May 1868, announced this […]

What are the Traditions of Memorial Day 2020?

Memorial Day and Why Do We Celebrate

Memorial Day is also called Decoration Day. On this day people of America work as a volunteer and attend the cemeteries across the country for decorating the graves of soldiers who sacrifice their lives in battles for the country. Every years, cities and town f America host the Memorial Day parades. There are large parade […]

Memorial Day Observance 2021

Memorial Day is the holiday of America, observed on last Monday in May every year. It is in the remembering and honoring of the soldiers of the US who died during the service in the military. From 1868 to 1970, Memorial Day observed on May 30. Memorial Day Observance 2020 Originally Memorial is known as […]